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For enterpreneurs involved in cottage construction we offer mobile hydraulic equipment for the installation of helical screw piles. This equipment is made in Russia by geniune Russian engineers and has high torque and very compact size. Additionally we can supply helical screw piles. Equipment and screw piles can be shipped together in one 20'dv container. This equipment can be of big advantage for small working gangs. 

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dry wooden shavings for bedding

Russian HS Code 4401210000 Dry wooden chips coniferous, wooden shavings for animal bedding.

HS Group Code 4401 reads: Fuel wood, in logs, in billets, in twigs, in faggots or in similar forms; wood in chips or particles; sawdust and wood waste and scrap, whether or not agglomerated in logs, briquettes, pellets or similar forms. HS Code 44012100 reads same +Coniferous.

Once exported from Russia dry wooden chips (shavings) will be accompanied by relevant transport document: CMR (for truck) or Bill of Ladding (for sea container) and will read the following HS Code 4401210000. ANT Export Department (Russia) supply different types of dry wooden shavings to foreign customers. All deliveries are accopanied by phytosanitary certificate issued by the competent Russian authorities. All said products are produced in Russia.

wooden chips big shaving3 wooden shavings for animal bedding russian origin wooden shavings for animal bedding

ANT Export supply dry wooden chips (shavings) for bedding. This pordict is 100% environmentally-friendly and can be used in agriculture and farming industry, i.e. at pig and cattle farms, poultry farms, hourse farms, etc. Wooden chips is ideal ground for animals and also for the plants. In order to perform transportatioin of wooden chips accurately, clean and efficient in terms of space, all dry wooded chips are packed in a plastic bag and are specially pressed to minimized its space. 

Dry wooden chips briquette pressed staffing of dry wooden chips shavings russian origin Dry wooden chips stored

We would like to mention the most significant advantages of wooden chips (shavings):
1. Eco-friendly - 100% natural composition (spruce, pine). The products undergo monthly pest testing and receive a Phytosanitary certificate from the government entity Rosselkhoznadzhor.
2. Compact - briquette size 650x400x250 mm. Unlike the bag, whose volume is similar, the weight of the briquette is  noticeable greater.
3. Convenient shape and size - the weight of one briquette is 20 kg + -10%. Convenient to carry and transport.
4. Efficient - moisture content of shaivings up to 11-15%
5. Profitable - volume of about 0.35 cub. m in a fluff condition. Variable purchase volume.

We can also produce chips from any other wood species, depending on your demand. Such as birch, aspen, alder and others. Kindly note that non coniderous type of woods, such as birch, aspen and alder are having different HS Code from the shown above.

Dry wooden chips can be performed in the following types: -big shaving, -standard shavings, -small shavings, -and de-dusted shavings. The last modification is designated for the animals which require really clean and highly environmental product, at the same time such a products incur more processing which rises the selling price.

dry wooden chips staffed at FTL truck Dry wooden chips packed russian origin Dry wooden chips shavings russian origin

ANT Export can ship Russian dry wooden chips (shavings) to any place worldwide.
We have one production spot right in the St.Petersburg limits and just 15 km off the St.Petersburg sea port. It is very convenient to staff sea container at the production site and move it straight to the export stock to be loaded on a sea vessel. Such an operation can be made within 1 day, and it is very economically friendly in terms of pre-carriage costs. At the same time we can dispatch cargo by means standard FTL (full truck load) to the customers located in Europe. Tranzit time is 3-4 days for Italy, Germany, and 5-7 days for France, Spain, Portugal.

For those clients and purchasers who would like to receive complete "door-to-door" service we can arrange complete service on the consignee's end, i.e. port expedition in the port of destination, customs clearance at destination, on-carriage on customer's terrain, delivering to the customers warehouse or site and dropp-off of empties (container equipment). We have big experience in logistics operations and we have approximately 70 agents in more than 50 countries who can arrange "door" services upon request.

Should You have any question regarding purchase, logistic and/or customs clearance issues kindly revert by e-mail, cell (whatsup, viber, skype). We speak English: + 7 961 800 27 36  




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straw pellets  for animal  bedding made in russia 03 straw pellets granules for hourse bedding made in russia 02 straw pellets granules soil mulching treatment by pellets


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sharpened wood stakes made in russia 04 sharpened wood stakes made in russia 03 sharpened wood stakes made in russia 07