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Our services

We serve orders for goods purchase, contracting and further freight forwarding.

Some of the exported from Russia goods we ship with the use of standard tilt trucks (tautliner, 1,6m long trailer, vol. 82-93 cub.m.), some other goods we ship with the usage of standard sea container equipment such as 20'dv, 40'dv/hq, open tops, flat racks or the like. The rest we ship by ocean vessels and it mostly concerns larger volumes.

In most of cases we provide 'door-to-door' logistic services including export custom's clearance, certification, survey and other relevant services aiming to ensure safe transportation, optimal route and precise terms.  

List of goods is provided herewith. The goods we had already served /shipped are planned to be inserted with more specific information into the proper web's section within the nearest time. 

01-05 Animal & Animal Products
06-15 Vegetable Products
16-24 Foodstuffs
25-27 Mineral Products
28-38 Chemicals & Allied Industries
39-40 Plastics / Rubbers
41-43 Raw Hides, Skins, Leather, & Furs
44-49 Wood & Wood Products
50-63 Textiles
64-67 Footwear / Headgear
68-71 Stone / Glass
72-83 Metals
84-85 Machinery / Electrical
86-89 Transportation
90-97 Miscellaneous
98-99 Service


Our services brings trusty, safe and reliable source, supply and logistics management!