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Pure sodium chloride

CAS Registry Number: 7647-14-5
CA Index Name: Sodium chloride, (NaCl) 

Our company can ensure reliable supply sources for the following types of sodium chloride:

Extra Grade - 99,5%
High Grade - 98,2%
First Grade - 97,5%
Second Grade - 97%

We as well provide logistic operations /freight forwarding of any volumes direct from sodium chloride deposits to the customer's door. 

Some grades are outsourced within Russia and its limits as well as from salt depots located in Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belorussia.

Most of sodium chloride are shipped by one time consignment counting 1 till 5 thousand metric tons at a time and with cargo being packed into 1,0 mt big bags. In most of cases the salt is being shipped by rail from salt deposit to the St.Petersburg port where we restaff the cargo into standard sea containers with further freight forwarding it to any destination worldwide.

Salt is packed into 1,0 mt big bags and staffed by 2 layers into 20'dv ocean container by 12 big bags in lower and 12 big bags in the upper layers. This loading option ensures max payload of 24 mt. An additional option can ensure even more payload of 27-28 mt but this option incur staffing combination of big bags by 1,0 mt in combination with the 50 kilo sacks.

Prices and terms can be provided upon written request to us.