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For enterpreneurs involved in cottage construction we offer mobile hydraulic equipment for the installation of helical screw piles. This equipment is made in Russia by geniune Russian engineers and has high torque and very compact size. Additionally we can supply helical screw piles. Equipment and screw piles can be shipped together in one 20'dv container. This equipment can be of big advantage for small working gangs. 

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newsprint paper in rolls

Russian HS Code 480100 Newsprint, in rolls or sheets

ANT Export Department (Russia) is in a position to ensure its foreign customers safe and secure supply of  Newsprint in rolls or sheets. Newsprint products are all made in Russia.

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In Rolls
Roll width: 840 mm
Roll weight: 400 kgs, can be customized 30-50 kgs rolls
Density: 45,0-48,8 gsm
color: grey, white-grey
Newsprint thickness 0,074 mm ± 0,01 mm.

Newsprint in sheets, format: A4, A3, A2, A1 and 840 х 1070 mm.

In receint times we will place some exact products in our internet on-line store: rusexportstore.ru Information will appear soon (in September 2019). Visitors then can observe certain newsprint products with shown EXW price or FOT/FOB price per unit. This will make purchase or making decision process more easier.

Russia possess hugest forest resources and receintly rennovated forest processing industry: modern up-to-the-date production facilities for a production of different types of paper and its subroducts. Luckily there are approximately 4 factories in close to the St.Petersburg port which makes the logistics issues easier and more convenient in pricing terms. Newsprint of russian origin is being exported all over the world. We can arrange dispatch of newsprint in rolls or in sheet in FTL (full truck load) or in 20'ft or 40'ft FCL (full container load). POL (port of load) for a container's shipments is normally  port of St.Petersburg, Russia or Ust Luga, Russia. Should You be interested to receive a transportation fee quote kindly apply to us by means of e-mail inquiry or via whatsup, viber.  Tranzit time for European customers normally ranges 3-5 days for FTL truck. Tranzit time for 40'ft FCL container depends on port of discharge, i.e. for Mediterranian consignees approx 15-18 days.

newsprint in rolls supply truck load 02 newsprint in rolls supply truck load 01 newsprint in rolls supply truck load 04

ANT Logistics/Export can ship the a.m. equipment to any place worldwide.

For those clients and purchasers who would like to receive complete "door-to-door" service we can arrange complete service on the consignee's end, i.e. port expedition in the port of destination, customs clearance at destination, on-carriage on customer's terrain, delivering to the customers warehouse or site and dropp-off of empties (container equipment). We have big experience in logistics operations and we have approximately 70 agents in more than 50 countries who can arrange "door" services upon request.

Should You have any question regarding purchase, logistic and/or customs clearance issues kindly revert by e-mail, cell (whatsup, viber, skype). We speak English: + 7 961 800 27 36