Special Offer

For enterpreneurs involved in cottage construction we offer mobile hydraulic equipment for the installation of helical screw piles. This equipment is made in Russia by geniune Russian engineers and has high torque and very compact size. Additionally we can supply helical screw piles. Equipment and screw piles can be shipped together in one 20'dv container. This equipment can be of big advantage for small working gangs. 

printed matters

Russian HS Code 4901100000.  Printed matters: books, brochures, leaflets, etc.

HS Group Code 4901 reads: Printed books, brochures, leaflets and similar printed matter, whether or not in single sheets. HS Group code 49011000 reads: In single sheets, whether or not folded.

ANT Export Department (Russia) sell Russian made printed matters. Once exported from Russia printed matterswill be accompanied by relevant transport document: CMR (for truck) or Bill of Ladding (for sea container) and it will read the following HS Code 4901100000. The raw for printed matters is sourced inside Russia. These are papers made by  Russian modern paper mills which are having up to the date technological equipment and which produce papers of highest quality.  

Printing in Russia has value both in paper source and in printing itself.
Both are geniune Russian values with high competitive nature. 

offset printed matters printed in russia 02 widescreen printed matters printed in russia 01

We offer printing services for medium and high printing circulation. Full color wide screen printing: A2, A1, A0. Full color offset printing, 100 000 circulation. Customer's design, or Russian professional designers will submit their option for approval.  Paper density ranges 60 gr/sq..m. up to 220. White/Black printing is available. Large screen printing. 

We can offer printing on other materials then paper: Banner fabric, banner net, film, knitted fabric, canvas.

Photography quality: wide screen printing with 1400 dpi resolution. Max width 1500 mm. For outdoor - 720 dpi. Max width for outdoor matters - 1600 mm. Water resistant inks are used for outdoor printing, inks has light smell which weathering soon. For usual outdoor we use 360 dpi, with width -3000 mm. 

widescreen printed matters printed in russia 02  

Printed matters can be shipped by air, or by truck as LTL (less truck load) cargo, or by standard sea container as LCL (less container load). When we say "less truck/container load" it always mean a wooden pallet where items will be placed and wrapped by film and marked. Prior being dispatch this cargo must be cleared at Russian customs where export duties and taxes must be paid. Custom's clearance formalities are all rely on us. We provide our customers the final cost on basis of "all included".

offset printed matters printed in russia 02 offset printed matters printed in russia 01 printed matters printed in russia 01

Tranzit time for road freight (cartage) is 3-4 days for Italy and Germany, 1-2 days for Finland and Sweden, 3 days for Norway, and 5-7 days for France, Spain, Portugal. Tranzit time for sea container is longer and depends on final destination. Air dispatch is the most short one, but most expensive. Because of custom's formalities on shipper's and receiver's end the total tranzit time might be as 3-7 days or longer and depends on final destination.

For those clients and purchasers who would like to receive complete "door-to-door" service we can arrange complete service on the consignee's end, i.e. port expedition in the port of destination, customs clearance at destination, on-carriage on customer's terrain, delivering to the customers warehouse or site and dropp-off of empties (container equipment). We have big experience in logistics operations and we have considerable number of logistic agents in more than 50 countries who can arrange "door" services upon request.

Should You have any question regarding purchase, logistic and/or customs clearance issues kindly revert by e-mail, cell (whatsup, viber, skype). We speak English: + 7 961 800 27 36