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For enterpreneurs involved in cottage construction we offer mobile hydraulic equipment for the installation of helical screw piles. This equipment is made in Russia by geniune Russian engineers and has high torque and very compact size. Additionally we can supply helical screw piles. Equipment and screw piles can be shipped together in one 20'dv container. This equipment can be of big advantage for small working gangs. 

straw pellets

Russian HS Code 1213000000.  Straw pellets for animal bedding, cat litter, soil mulching.

HS Group Code 1213000000 reads: Cereal straw and husks, unprepared, whether or not chopped, ground, pressed or in the form of pellets.

straw pellets granules for made in russia 04 straw pellets granules for made in russia 06 straw pellets  for animal  bedding made in russia 01

Straw pellets are produced from different raw and is completely eco-friendly for most of animals and pets. ANT Export Department (Russia) sell various types of straw pellets in 15 kgs package and in 1,0-1,2 big bags. Once exported from Russia straw pellets will be accompanied by relevant transport document: CMR (for truck) or Bill of Ladding (for sea container) and it will read the following HS Code 1213000000. It does not necessarily means that Russian HS Code can match exactly same in international harmonized system coding for a particular foreign country-importer. At list 4 or 6 digits in the beginning of hs code are always equal in all countries over the world while the 'tail' of the hs code can not be necessarily matched as same. Therefore we advise our customers-importers to check it out with Your local customs broker for correct hs coding of straw pellets. This will enable You to count import tax and duties accurately and precisely. 

straw pellets for cats toilet cats liter straw pellets granules soil mulching treatment by pellets straw pellets granules for hourse bedding made in russia 02

Straw pellets advantages:
- soft, antislippery, non hazard
- perfect absorbing properties. Highest absorbing rate.
- fully ecological: raw used out from 100% straw grown up in agricultral parts of Russia
- easy and perfectly utilyzed after main usage. Valuable fertiling substance
- pellets require less premises and spaces while transporting and storage
- no risk of dusting and molding during long termed storage 
- comfortable for animals as bedding. Good bedding for hourses, cattle, pigs, etc.

Beside standard straw raw such as wheat and other cereals, we can offer straw from lucerne and colza. Interesting to mention that animals do not eat straw pellets made of lecerne and colza. That allow straw pellets to live more as an animal bedding.

Production process is set to meet high standard in dust remove and with use of high temperatures to erase microbes and bacterias in stern granulation. No additives is used in our stern pellets. Our pellets are 10-40 mm length, with yellow-brown color, cylinder like shaped with diameter 8-10 mm. 

straw pellets  for animal  bedding made in russia 03

We work with all inquiries. Stern pellets can be staffed in a FTL (full truck load) or FCL (full container load). Tranzit time for European customers normally ranges 3-5 days for FTL truck. Tranzit time for 40'/45' ft FCL container depends on port of discharge, i.e. for Mediterranian consignees approx 15-18 days or more, up to 35-40 days for long distance customers.

For those clients and purchasers who would like to receive complete "door-to-door" service we can arrange complete service on the consignee's end, i.e. port expedition in the port of destination, customs clearance at destination, on-carriage on customer's terrain, delivering to the customers warehouse or site and dropp-off of empties (container equipment). We have big experience in logistics operations and we have considerable number of logistic agents in more than 50 countries who can arrange "door" services upon request.

straw pellets for animal bedding stuffing full truck load 02 straw pellets for animal bedding stuffing full truck load 01

Should You have any question regarding purchase, logistic and/or customs clearance issues:
e-mail: info@rusexportstore.ru
cell phone: + 7 961 800 27 36   (whatsup, viber, skype). 




Dry wooden shavings for animal bedding  Russian HS Code 4401210000

wooden shavings for animal bedding russian origin wooden chips standard shaving3 wooden chips big shaving3  


Sharpened wooden stakes  Russian HS Code 4404100000

sharpened wood stakes made in russia 04 sharpened wood stakes made in russia 03 sharpened wood stakes made in russia 07